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Margaret 's House, An Inpatient Lodge

Margaret 's House is a 8-bed, free standing hospice unit located in Longview, Texas.

It is designed to feel more like a home than an institution. Every room is private with its own patio. Families, friends and patients have access to a chapel, meditation room, large living room with stone fireplace, children's play area, covered back deck, conference room, library, computer area, a gazebo and a serenity garden.

Margaret 's House is available to patients from any hospice, but the care while there will be provided by staff trained and employed by Beacon Hospice.
Patients may reside at Margaret 's House if they are in need of the inpatient hospice level of care or the respite level of care.

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Room availability is on a first come, first served basis. However, if two individuals are in need and one need respite while the other needs inpatient care, the inpatient will receive a room first because of the acuity of their need.

Beacon Hospice is proud to have the use of Margaret 's House for its patients and the community.

Take some time to look at what the facility has to offer.

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